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Buzz the Dalmation

“Buzz was diagnosed with Myositis Disease which affects the jaw and head muscles he was unable to eat properly or pick up his toys, the treatment for this condition was a high steroid dose, over the weeks this resulted in muscle wastage all over his body he lost 6kgs in weight and no longer had an active lifestyle, not good news for this athletic breed. We asked our vet if Hydrotherapy would benefit him to support the muscle wastage which he agreed.

dalmation1Aqua Dogs were recommend to us by a friend. On his first visit Buzz he was very unsure of the pool and his surroundings, Stacey spent time with Buzz showing him the pool was nothing to be afraid of helped him into the pool gave him support and confidence everything was focused on his needs. Without her care and patience don’t think Buzz would ever been relaxed and confident enough the time spent with him at each session was not an issue he was not rushed each one took as long as required.

After one of his sessions, think it was about the fourth I contacted Stacey the next day to say “I’ve got Buzz back” he was happy again running and playing just like he used too. It’s not just the swimming the stimulation of endorphins which also gave Buzz a new lease of life after each session.

dalmation2We have used Hydrotherapy establishments before with our previous Dalmatians but the care, dedication and attention given by Stacey are second to none and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Buzz loves her and she treats him as her own he now gets into the pool and swims on his own something we never thought he would do amazed how he has progressed.

Stacey is a very special person who treats our very special pets.”

Kind Regards Julie & Mike Godley

Milo’s Story

charlotte“I first brought Milo to Aqua Dogs when he was about 10 months old to help him lose some of his puppy fat and build up some muscle. When he first started coming he was afraid to go into the water and had to be lifted in.

With Stacey’s natural supportive and understanding approach Milo soon developed more confidence in the water and now thoroughly enjoys his time in the water.

The activities that he does in the water with Stacey stimulate his mind and it is clear the time he spends at Aqua Dogs has helped him develop into a calm and responsive dog”.

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